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Personal Injury Claims with Lifelong Injuries

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

In many car accidents, people are able to walk away with minor injuries. Unfortunately, more serious collisions may result in lifelong injuries or even permanent disability. In these personal injury claims, it may be overwhelming to think of how you will ever be able to truly recover financially for your injuries and the pain and suffering you will experience in the future. With a personal injury attorney and support from medical professionals, it is possible to determine a fair payout for lifelong injuries and permanent disability after a car accident.

Get Care Right Away

After a severe car accident, the first step is always to seek medical attention. Your health must always be your top priority, so getting care right away is of the utmost importance. Once you have been able to secure and start necessary treatment, you can work with your doctor to begin figuring out how much care you will need in the future.

This forecasting can help in determining the potential treatment you will need to continue to have on an ongoing basis. This could include surgical procedures, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and a variety of other medical appointments to treat and manage your condition. Doctor recommendations regarding how often treatment is needed will be critical in properly calculating a fair payout amount in your personal injury settlement.

Support Your Claim With Medical Evidence

No one has a crystal ball, so it can be challenging to predict exactly what will happen in the future, but most times medical professionals can use the current evidence they have to accurately advise what type of care will be necessary to recover and live as healthily as possible.

It is worth noting that personal injury claims can be kept open for months or even years to properly address the total costs incurred or predicted for the life of your injuries, as long as the claim is properly preserved according to your state’s rules for filing injury claims.

Keep in mind in these circumstances that as long as the claim is open, no funds will be paid out to cover medical bills until the claim has been settled. For some people, this is where getting evidence-based and concrete predictions from a medical professional can be more desirable because they can quickly be compensated and return to their normal life.

Consider Lost Income After Your Accident

A final consideration for permanent injuries is the ability to work. You will want to learn from your medical provider what exactly your new injuries mean for your functionality and quality of life. If your condition will now interfere with or inhibit your ability to work in your industry, or prevent you from being able to work at all, your very lifestyle and livelihood is now being threatened.

In these cases, you can and should obtain and present evidence of your income so that a personal injury attorney can help project your lost earnings. Typically 3-6 months of pay stubs prior to the accident will sufficiently prove your income potential and standard of living. This coupled with pay stubs post-accident or even proof of unemployment can show the difference in income before and after the injuries took place. From here, it is easy to see the financial impact and put a concrete number on the loss you will experience when it comes to your earning potential.

Seek Legal Help

Injuries of this nature are often devastating and emotionally draining, which makes managing a personal injury claim that much more challenging. Hohaia Law is here to support you through even the worst of situations to ensure that you can rightly recover financially from your personal injury accident and focus on your own healing. Contact us today to learn more.

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